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BAU and C-DAC develop a versatile agricultural robotic platform


Agricultural University of Birsa (BAU) Department of Agronomy under Autonomous Multipurpose Agricultural Robotic Platform Development Project, as well as Advanced Computing Development Center (C-DAC), Kolkata has developed a versatile agricultural robotic platform.

The technology of this machine was recently demonstrated by a team of C-DAC in the field of the Agronomy Department of BAU.

On the occasion, C-DAC, Co-Director, Dr Hena Rai and Technical Associates, Soumik Layak, Ravi Shankar and Rabindra Nath Kanjilal shared information and presented a live demonstration in front of BAU Vice-Chancellor Onkar Nath Singh, Director of Research, A Wadood and Scientists regarding this versatile sensor and computer based agricultural robotic platform in the research area of ​​the department.

Rai said that this machine developed by C-DAC is able to identify the different requirements of crops grown in the fields and meet the requirements. “With its help, weeds present in the fields, nutrient deficiencies and diseases in different cultivated areas of the fields are identified.

Depending on the needs of the crop in the fields, weedkiller, insecticidal chemical and liquid fertilizer can be sprayed into the fields by the machine itself. Direct sowing of paddy and seed germination percentage can also be estimated with this machine, ”he added.

Speaking on the occasion of the BAU VC, Singh described this innovative technology as appropriate and useful for good crops in a modern farming system environment. He spoke about involving doctoral researchers at the university in the inspection and analysis of this technique.

Research Director Dr Abdul Wadood described it as a special gift from modern agriculture and expressed the need for improvement based on the condition of the fields to make it more useful. He insisted on making this technique favorable to the use of crops other than paddy.

Administration Director Gyan Singh Gorayburu described this innovative technology as useful for farmers in rice cultivation and expressed the need to make it more user-friendly for farmers.

The dean of agriculture and the project’s chief researcher, Dr SK Pal, said that a research program is underway from the year 2019 on the project called Development of a versatile agricultural robotic platform. stand-alone, funded by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology of the Government of India.

“This research project is being implemented in the country under the joint aegis of BAU Ranchi, KCT Coimbatore, IIT Kharagpur and C-DAC Calcutta. As part of the project, a two-year crop database was made available to C-DAC, Calcutta by BAU. Based on this database, C-DAC developed the versatile agricultural robotic platform technology, ”he added.

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