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Federal plan to make agricultural innovation “modern”


David Littleproud released a statement outlining the federal government’s funding priorities for the next decade to help modernize Australia’s agricultural innovation system, just over a month after the publication of the national agricultural innovation program.

On Monday, the Deputy Chief of Nationals and Minister of Agriculture said the document complements $ 147 million in government funding designed to support agricultural innovation since last July. This included a future drought fund, he added.

“We have worked with stakeholders to develop this declaration, and we will work with stakeholders to implement these priorities,” said Littleproud, noting a strategic focus on exports, climate resilience, digital agriculture and biosecurity.

“To support the implementation of the four new national agricultural innovation priorities, the government is providing an initial investment of $ 2.8 million through Agriculture Innovation Australia. “

The statement underlines the government’s intention to foster the right conditions and “help the agricultural sector to modernize, improve, innovate and develop,” the minister added.

Innovation and research initiatives have been identified as key drivers to this end, and Littleproud said the government will help the agriculture sector reach a $ 100 billion Ag2030 target in this area over the next decade.

The minister also highlighted another funding program, which saw the government match eligible spending during the year 2020-2021 by rural research and development companies (DRC), totaling nearly $ 350 million from of the products collected. He said the CDRs have already established the Agricultural innovation Australia group to address “cross-sectoral priority issues affecting the sector and likely to attract private investment”.

“I work closely with industry organizations and the 15 CDRs to increase CDR accountability for stakeholder transparency, removing duplication and boosting marketability.

“This helps ensure that value is delivered to the tax payer and the taxpayer,” Littleproud said.

Other existing measures to support innovation in the sector include a digital marketing platform developed by the government, AgriFutures, CDR and GrowAg; and $ 86 million for eight new innovation centers located across the country.

Littleproud said the platforms provide better access to commercialization of R&D to the rest of the world and the industry’s response is promising.

“Since April 2021, the [digital] The platform has already hosted more than 2,000 research projects and more than 40 commercialization opportunities, ”he said.

“We will provide the right conditions and help the agricultural sector to modernize, improve, innovate and develop. “


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