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Hoosier Jeff Gossett starred in ‘Mayberry Man’


LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Damn, parts of Indiana played a supporting role in a movie celebrating a darling TV show.

The film, “Mayberry Man,” getting a limited re-release this weekend at the Devon Theater in Attica, Indiana, stars Jeff Gossett, a longtime resident of Tippecanoe and Fountain counties.

“Mayberry Man” follows a pretentious movie star forced to attend a weeklong festival celebrating “The Andy Griffith Show”. This festival, called “Mayberry Days”, is a real event that takes place every year across the country in honor of the show.

Gossett first became involved in the production of the film through connections he had with writer / director Stark Howell, son of actor Hoke Howell who played “Dud Wash” in the original television series.

“Him (Stark) and his brother Cort kept me posted on everything,” Gossett said, “and I just helped in any way I could. They wanted to do something about the fans and include the fans. in the movie) .”

Fan Supported Film

“Mayberry Man” was not financially supported by the Hollywood film industry. As such, the independent film was funded entirely through crowdfunding, fan volunteer time, and out-of-pocket expenses.

“I’ve been going to Mayberry festivals for over 20 years,” Gossett said. “The whole (production team) really didn’t think much about the movie for a while. And then they started talking about a kick starter in September 2019 and I signed up to help with that. film is fan-funded.

“So I got involved in fundraising, and when they started filming in Danville, Indiana – where most of the movie is shot – I was just there as a production assistant. the opportunity to play a role in the movie arose, I said “of course”.

Jeff Gossett as "Rayfield" on the set of "Mayberry man"

Gossett plays the character of “Rayfield” in the film.

Hoosier connection

Since Howell’s movie is primarily shot in various parts of Indiana, Gossett believes that Hoosiers everywhere will have a unique connection to him.

“We used a lot of folks in Indiana who helped with the movie,” Gossett said, “supported the movie, a lot of (local) businesses supported it. It’s a good, clean family movie that anyone could come to see with an Indiana- tie. There are ties to the hometown and Indiana. “

How to watch ‘Mayberry Man’

“Mayberry Man” originally hit select theaters on September 23, and has been available to rent or purchase on Amazon Video since October 1.

A reissue of the film will take place this weekend, November 5-7, at the historic Devon Theater. Sessions are Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. Sunday matinee at 2 p.m. Saturday’s event kicks off at 6 p.m. with special appearances from the film’s producer and several cast members.

The meet will be free for guests and will feature autographs and photos with the cast and with the 1962 Mayberry Squad car that is primarily used in the film, according to Gossett.

Members of the crew for “Mayberry Man” include Gregory Schell, co-producer and son of Ronnie Schell, who appeared in two episodes of “The Andy Griffith Show” and is best known for playing “Duke Slater” in the spin- off “Gomer Pyle, USMC, as well as Dixie Griffith, daughter of Andy Griffith, as executive producer

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