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HORN! The festival returns for a decentralized one-day event



“This year, HONK! ‘S intention is to reach out to communities that have not been able to participate in the past.”

HORN! Festival musicians perform at a previous festival in Somerville. Ben holmes

The HORN! Festival is back and ready to participate in a new decentralized event on October 9, in the middle of the upcoming long weekend.

Since 2006, the HONK! The festival brought groups from across Massachusetts and around the world to Somerville to celebrate music and activism with the community. These local HONKs! the groups – often called activist street groups – offer free music without a stage or sound system for three days.

“These bands don’t just play for the people; they play among people and invite them to join in the fun, ”according to the HORN! festival website. “They are active, activist and deeply engaged in their communities, sometimes alongside unions and grassroots groups in outright political protest, or in some form of community building activity, regularly organizing and running workshops for educational and social service organizations of all kinds. . “

The 2021 festival will be different from previous years: rather than bringing dozens of international HONKs! groups at a centralized location, festival organizers bring in 15 HONK! groups at five separate locations in the Greater Boston area.

The HONK! The festival will also not include its annual parade from Davis Square to Harvard Square. Safety protocols such as wearing a mask will be mandatory at all festival sites.

“HONK! 2021 will maintain a very different and necessary approach this year… But let it be known, despite the smaller look of HONK! 2021 due to the necessary adjustments this year, the hyper local base plans for this year will have a very powerful feeling ”, HORN! Rep. Mary Curtin wrote in a statement.

In addition to the usual HONK festival location in Somerville, performances will expand to Cambridge, East Boston, South End and Roxbury. According to the statement, the sprawl plan is designed to help decentralize the event but also to attract new communities to the festival.

“This year, the intention of HONK! Is to reach out to communities that have not been able to participate in the past, for example Nubian Square in Roxbury, while maintaining the historic connection of HONK! With Davis Square in Somerville,” Curtin wrote. “The plan is to dig deeper into the various neighborhoods that make up the hyperlocal communities that make up Boston and its adjacent cities.”

HONK from last year! The festival took place virtually and live. This year’s concerts will also be broadcast live on Youtube.

“These unplugged street groups will play to support events designed by their neighborhood partner organizations, which are based where they live and work, with the aim of raising awareness of the good grassroots work that is being done there,” said writes Curtin.

HORN! plans to publish more information about the event on October 1.

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