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Next Generation Friends of the Salzburg Festival Announces New Direction


The next generation of Friends of the Salzburg Festival will have a new direction.

According to a press release, Christian Renner and Ulrike Köstinger will replace Carl Philipp Spängler, who co-founded the organization in 2008 and has headed it ever since.

Renner, who is the CMO of the UKO group, will assume the role of chairman while Köstinger, the CCO of Operabase and CueTV, will become vice chairman / chairman.

“We favor a progressive and dynamic side of the Salzburg Festival and it is our duty to generate enthusiasm among young people for the Salzburg Festival,” Renner said in an official press release. part to get the coveted / valuable tickets and on the other hand to be able to look behind the scenes at the Salzburg Festival.

“Together, we want to bring culture and in particular the Salzburg Festival closer to our generation. At a time when solidarity and social commitment have become something very special, we will continue to enrich the next generation with these values ​​and establish an international community that meets every summer in Salzburg and experiences special events and moments. as a member of the audience or behind the curtain, ”Köstinger added.

The next generation of Salzburg Festival Friends makes an average annual financial contribution of 80,000 euros and ticket purchases of 120,000 euros to support the Salzburg Festival.