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The Daughters of the American Revolution will honor the 19th Amendment


LAFAYETTE, Ind. – The Lafayette General Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will present “We have come a long way, Ladies! on the occasion of the centenary of the 19th Amendment.

This one-woman show, featuring classically trained opera singer Audrey Johnson, will feature traditional American songs such as “Single Girl”, “What is Man” and “Dear Son”. Johnson’s Of Thee I Sing theater company aims to bring American heritage to a more modern audience through music.

“As we continue to develop this business,” Johnson said, “there will be many different concert programs focused on specific events or periods in American history. But when I realized (last year ), “Oh my god, it’s 2020, the centenary of the women’s suffrage movement,” which immediately brought the women’s suffrage agenda to the fore. “

The Tippecanoe Arts Federation building where "We have come a long way, ladies!" will perform on Thursday.

“We’ve come a long way, ladies! Focuses not only on the historic music of the female suffrage era and the social commentary of the era, but also on the many multifaceted issues that were present in the women’s movement, as such, the concert will begin when America did it in 1776.

“(‘We’ve come a long way, ladies!’) Will have its world premiere on Thursday,” Johnson said, “and it’s a part of the famous“ Remember the Ladies ”letter Abigail Adams wrote to John (Adams). “

While the concerts hosted by Of Thee I Sing will tour the United States, Johnson wanted his debut to be in downtown Lafayette.

The screen that contains information on the history of "We have come a long way, ladies!" will be screened

“The great community of Lafayette has really just opened its arms to our family,” said Johnson, “and just welcomed us so graciously.”

Other Cities “We have come a long way, ladies! Will tour Indianapolis, Wooster, Ohio, Shreveport, Louisiana, and other destinations to be determined.

Thursday’s performance will be unlike any traditional opera. The show will feature audience interaction through vocals, applause, and even prop interactions through different songs from the lineup. Additionally, a slideshow will be projected onto a screen behind Johnson as she performs, displaying images that relate and are important to the designated scenes.

Johnson’s one-woman show will take place Thursday at 7 pm at the Wells Community Cultural Center, 638 North St, Lafayette, IN 47901. Guest pianist Greg Kostraba and artist Dr. Deanna McMillan will also be featured.

Entry into “We’ve come a long way, ladies!” Is free to the public, but donations are appreciated. Funds will go to a historic preservation project for the Grand Lafayette Underground Railroad

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