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The Lexington community is mobilizing to create the “Pride Festival Junior”; pride celebrations throughout the weekend


LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – “With COVID, we’ve been so isolated for so long. Everyone wanted something, a place to go,” said Catherine Taylor of the Pride Center.

Lexington’s LGBTQ + community was waiting to celebrate the pride.

“Pivot was kind enough to take charge of this event because the Pride Fest was unfortunately canceled. So this weekend we were all invited to participate, ”said event sponsor with Commonwealth Smiles, Dr Jessica Kress.

And after the big event canceled two years in a row, Pivot Brewing, along with the Pride Center, found a way for people to come together and celebrate pride after all.

“I just got this event coordinator job and thought you know what, let’s see if they want to have some mini pride this weekend. We planned this in a week and a half so I’m impressed with the turnout, ”said Devon Rollins, the event coordinator for Pivot Brewing.

“It’s crucial. Without pride, people have nowhere to go to be themselves, to know that they are safe and that they are loved, ”Taylor said.

Taylor said that with the donations and funding they raise at Pride events, they are able to provide vital resources, a listening ear, and even …

“A house. Like they’ve got somewhere to be.

A portion of the proceeds from a pride-themed cider, “Yass Queen,” will go to the Pride Center.

Here is a list of the events that will take place on Sunday September 16:

1:30 Drag Show

3 – Tie Dye

4 – Pride Pet Parade

5 – Pride Trivia

6:30 am Closing of the silent auction

7 – Dragster show

8:30 am – Pride costume contest

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