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This is what a seasoned market buyer expects as Houston shopping extravagance returns


HOUSTON – The Houston Nutcracker Market is back Thursday through Sunday.

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I have been a huge fan of this event since I moved to Houston in 2014. While I haven’t done the market for years and years as some have, I have a pretty good lay of the land and I can compare from year to year what has changed. and what has remained beautifully the same for a long time.

The event is a happy celebration of the season and it’s early enough to make you feel like you’re ahead of shopping season, but after Halloween you don’t feel so bad that you’re stomping on Thanksgiving. In fact, if you attend and shop you can actually savor this turkey knowing that you have over a month to pack and get everything ready in this sweet and always fun part of the holiday season when the shopping is still around. a good time and not a chore.

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As a veteran of this event you see trends come and go and this year I foresee a turning point in many ways.

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The farm is disappearing

Farmhouse style “BLESSED” sign in a garden with a cardinal. (Pixabay)

This style is VERY controversial. Those who love her, LOVE her, LOVE her, LOVE her. And those who don’t, well, they’ll start telling you your house shouldn’t be talking to you with big, garish signs.

Joanna Gaines, a Texan, has made her entire Magnolia brand around this style, but even she changes things. Gone are the signs that claim to be BLESSED or HAPPY, and in its place are almost neutral and neutral designs with limited color and the absence of that now, very dated garish letters. Gaines said as recently as this year that she was looking to implement a design that she described as “really textured, simple and clean.” That’s a pretty accurate description of his general design style these days with added and aged elements.

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I predict this year’s Nutcracker Market will mimic that post-farm aesthetic. Instead of painting Grandma’s dresser, natural wood surfaces and more classic, traditional styles with cozy touches will likely be at the heart of the most popular looks.

There will always be a maximalist and exaggerated design style at The Nutcracker Market. (Thinking of those oversized wreaths with bulbs and massive arches.) But the overly overdone overall look of the farmhouse with burlap, panels, and boat sheets might not take up as much real estate. in the Nutcracker market than in the past.

Self-care is in

Bath bomb, blanket and candle (Pixabay)

If 2020 and 2021 and the pandemic and the stress of life have taught us anything, it is to appreciate where we are, where we are going and to take care of yourself along the way because nothing is promised. . The Nutcracker Market will surely capitalize on this collective achievement.

While skin care, jewelry, clothing, and other personal products are still a hit in the market, I predict this year will be focused on buyers themselves rather than just gifts for loved ones. What does it look like when you walk around the market? More specialized and tailor-made merchandise that makes the most of the specific needs of visitors. Luxury scented candles, lotions, oils and other hair and skin products will be a hit as visitors to the Nutcracker Market remember themselves amid the growing din of the season.

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Vintage and classic Christmas is where it is

Vintage cars and trains and other classic Christmas decorations (Pixabay)

Think of Norman Rockwell. Think about the lights that seem to be on on your grandma’s tree when you were growing up. Think Rankin / Bass. Christmas cartoons. Think of cribs and Christmas villages.

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This image posted by Profiles in History shows a Santa and Reindeer Rudolph puppet used in the filming of the 1964 Christmas special “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”. The soaring reindeer and Santa Claus characters who starred in the ever-popular stop-motion animation Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer are up for auction. The Profiles in History auction house announced on Thursday that a 6-inch-tall, 11-inch Rudolph – the Big Santa used to host the 1964 TV special is being sold together at the auction which begins on the 13th. November and is expected to bring in between $ 150,000 and $ 250,000. (Profiles in history via AP)

One of my favorite parts of The Nutcracker Market is that it celebrates the new and the old one. In many ways, it inspires buyers to embrace their childhood. Around every corner of the market are items reminiscent of something your grandmother had in her living room: massive ceramic trees with plastic light bulbs or handmade cribs, with camels. The only thing missing, it sometimes seems, is the peppermint scent from her candy box. But oh yes, you can get a jar candle with this scent in one of the adjacent stalls.

Participants in the Nutcracker Market will be really party this year

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After the virtual market of 2020 due to the pandemic, market-goers are likely to do everything with a bit more vigor, from spending to dazzling matching shirts to drinking alcohol.

This event is so important year after year. Getting him back to his greatness in person this year is surely a dream come true for many pandemic-weary buyers.

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We suggest people to have designated driver or plans for transportation service for safe transportation to home. Houston Metro Rail is also another option and Uber / Lyft or any drop-off and pick-up service is on the west side of the NRG Center. Get more transportation information here.

Be careful and have a great time at this year’s market!

What are your predictions for this year of the Nutcracker Market? Let us know in the comments.

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