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Union Bank of India forced to revoke ‘Navratri dress code’ amid reactions from workers’ union


New Delhi: The Union Bank of India (UBI) decision to impose a Navratri the dress code for all of its employees through an Oct. 1 circular drew considerable backlash from employees, social media users and even MPs, forcing the public sector bank to withdraw the instruction, NDTV reported.

The circular “Navratri Celebration and Dress Code” was issued by AR Raghavendra, Managing Director of the Public Sector Bank’s Digitization Department at his central office in Mumbai.

The colorful flyer mandated “all staff and supplier partners working on site” to adhere to a daily color code for all Navratri days (October 7-14), that a daily “group photo” will be taken and even imposed a fine of Rs 200 to ensure compliance.


The circular then mentioned that the “base color” of the plaid shirts would be taken into account and that there would be a “chaat party” at lunchtime on October 14 for which “indoor games” had been taken. planned. Employees were asked to keep their hours free and not to bring their own lunch.

The All India Union Bank Employees Federation (AIUBEF) strongly opposed the guidelines and wrote to Rajkiran Rai G., CEO and Managing Director of UBI, calling Raghavendra’s actions “dictatorial” and that the orders constitute ” violation of human rights and [the] secular values ​​of this great country ”, the Herald of the Deccan reported.

Jagannath Chakraborty, general secretary of AIUBEF said celebrating a festival should be a “voluntary phenomenon” and particularly opposed Raghavendra’s imposition of a fine for non-compliance.

Chakraborty then questioned Raghavendra’s authority in issuing the circular, noting that he had not obtained permission from senior management and had requested “appropriate action for the use [the] the logo of the bank… to fulfill his personal desire by abusing official power.

“This has never happened in the Bank’s 100-year history. He should immediately withdraw the circular, ”Chakraborty said.

Even S. Venkatesan, CPI-M deputy from Madurai, opposed the circular and wrote to UBI calling the actions “highly atrocious”.

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