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Vietnam wants to strengthen agricultural cooperation with Belgium | Business

A preview of the meeting (Photo: VNA)

Brussels (VNA) Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan Recount David Clarinval, Minister of Small Businesses, Independents, SMEs and Agriculture, Institutional Reform and Democratic Renewal of Belgium that Vietnam hopes to further promote agricultural collaboration with Belgium during their meeting in Brussels on September 9.

Noting that Vietnam and Belgium shared a fruitful cooperation in the agricultural field with the formation of agricultural ties within the framework of a strategic partnership in 2018, Minister Hoan proposed that the two sides strengthen the partnership on the basis of the ‘optimization of their potential and their advantages.

He suggested that the Belgian side create favorable conditions for Vietnamese and Belgian agroforestry and fishery products to enter the market mutually.

Belgium is currently Vietnam’s fifth largest agro-forestry-fishing market among EU countries. Minister Hoan expressed his hope that Belgium will continue to support the development of river logistics and cold storage using Belgian technology in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam, thus forming a transport network for agro-products. fresh fishermen from the region to the port of Cai Mep as well as the Belgian port of Antwerp and other major ports of the world.

He also asked for Belgium’s support in the development of cocoa products to meet Belgian standards, so that Vietnamese cocoa is attached to the well-known chocolate brand of the European country.

Hoan affirmed that Vietnam will create favorable conditions for Belgian companies to invest and seek partnerships in Vietnamese agriculture as well as in other strong sectors of Belgium such as logistics, salt water desalination, remote sensing and food preservation technologies.

The two sides should continue to strengthen cooperation in research and technology transfer as well as collaboration in training between training centers and regions, he said, stressing that the two countries should detail the content. and cooperation mechanisms to implement the bilateral memorandum of understanding on food security signed in October. 2018.

The Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development hopes to continue receiving ODA from Belgium to implement strategic cooperation contents with Belgium and boost its development, he said, adding that Vietnam was working hard to tackle illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing with a hope that the European Commission will soon withdraw the “yellow card” on fishing in Vietnam.

For its part, Clarinval expressed its willingness to work with the Vietnamese side to promote the implementation of the bilateral agricultural strategic partnership, by emphasizing cooperation in terms of staff training, technology transfer, encouragement private investment, logistics development serving the agricultural value chain.

The Belgian official approved Vietnam’s proposals on collaboration in the implementation and expansion of ODA projects in Vietnam, including that of building a cold warehouse in the Mekong Delta region and developing rice and rice. sustainable cocoa, as well as cooperation in training.

He said he hopes Vietnam will continue to help and create favorable conditions for Belgian investors in the development of logistics ports serving the export of fresh fruit to European markets in the lower port of Cai Mep.

He also underlined the need to create the conditions so that Belgian products with a competitive advantage, in particular cherries and pork, are present on the Vietnamese market./.

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