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Virtual festival to raise peace, not war


Sydney Peace and Anti-War networks collaborate for 11 days online Raising peace
Feast, September 16-26. This will resonate with many in Australia and beyond, who pose big questions following the US and Australian military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The full festival program can be viewed here Raising Peace Festival Tickets, Thu 09/16/2021 at 6.30pm | Eventbrite and on the Raising Peace website Raising Peace – Celebrating Peace.

Raising peace
includes more than 30 public events, clustered around the United Nations International Day of Peace on September 21, when the keynote address will be delivered by
His Excellency Mr. Armando Vargas Araya, Ambassador of Costa Rica, at noon
. Costa Rica is a model country for developing a culture of peace, it has no army and is the site of the UN University for Peace.

The Festival brings together academics, activists and practitioners to celebrate major achievements and address challenges and strategies. The aim is to increase the visibility of peace in public debate. It will be open on September 16 at 6.30 p.m. through David shoebridge MLA, with speakers Alison broinowski (author and former diplomat), David Brophy (University of Sydney) and Rita warleigh (Raise peace). Other sessions will include Geraldine Doogue (ABC), Allan Behm
(Australian Institute) and Clinton Fernandes
(author and scholar).

Raising Peace will discuss the nation’s involvement in wars and its commitment to peace, and provide a platform for Australians to hear first-hand from Afghan citizens who have fled their home countries. They will also have access to the most recent information on “killer robots” and the danger of nuclear devastation.

The Afghan situation; talk about war with China; the climate crisis; the COVID-19 pandemic; the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the militarization of outer space compromise security. Reunited at this moment, they constitute a “perfect storm”.

The Raising Peace Festival was organized by an unprecedented coalition of Sydney-based peace groups, in a welcome display of unity.

The concept of a Raising Peace festival began two years ago when the International Volunteers for Peace (IVP), the Independent and Peaceful Australia Network (IPAN) and the International Women’s League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF NSW) came together. are gathered. Today, some 30 peace groups are registered to be part of the Festival, from Knitting Nannas and the Marrickville Peace Group to PEN Sydney, the

International Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and the United Nations Association for Australia (NSW).

The festival will feature a variety of approaches to peace, including a day dedicated to First Nations voices and a session on Youth for Peace. Other topics include the practice of non-violence; prospects for peace in Afghanistan; faith and peace; peacebuilding in Asia-Pacific; disarmament and anti-militarism; permaculture for peace and the path to a nuclear-free future.

The program will also include musical performances, poetry readings, wool circles, film screenings and workshops.

Spokesperson for Raising Peace, Rita warleigh, declares: “It is high time that we started talking about peace again, instead of talking about war. The organizers are inspired and delighted that so many groups, with a common interest in advancing the cause of peace, are cooperating in this project. This indicates widespread interest in the prospects for future peace within the Australian community. “

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