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With the patronal feast of Brindisi, the medieval feast returns


TOAST – The Medieval Festival is back: a plunge into the Middle Ages at the Casa del Turista. As tradition dictates, within the framework of the celebrations of the patron saints of the city, the Vola Alto association, the Ettore Palumbo high school and the Società di Storia Patria para Puglia, which are part of the ATS “Brindisi Virtual Library”, community of library managers “Digital Library of History”, organizes the IX edition of the “Medieval Festival”, a historical recreation which for years has attracted the attention of citizens and tourists.

Also this year there will be medieval games, which will involve the little ones in exploring the city and time. Playing with the Middle Ages, in real and virtual version, is a fantastic journey through medieval Brindisi which combines education with a playful component.

The “Giullari Senza Root” trio will take guests into the enchanting world of jesters, engaging them in games and pranks. The reconstitution of the city of knowledge and flavors will allow you to plunge back into the past.

A singular novelty this year is the presence of exceptional guides. Very young volunteers, in period costumes, will accompany the visitors, telling us about the ways and customs of the Middle Ages and evoking the history of the characters who distinguished themselves in our city. The purpose of the Digital History Library is to initiate a process of historical study for children and adolescents, with the aim of bringing to life a story created by and for students.

The conference will be marked by moments of more traditional scientific study.

On September 3, the themes linked to “Daily life in medieval courtyards” will be tackled by Dr Luciana Petracca, professor of medieval history at the University of Salento, with interventions by Giuseppe Marella and Antonio Mario Caputo, from the National History Society. for Puglia.

The meeting will be anticipated by greetings from the Mayor of Brindisi, Riccardo Rossi, and the President of the Rotary Club of Brindisi Appia Antica, Cosimo Simone.

The conference will have a maximum number of 25 participants, upon reservation required on site.

www.hdlibrary.it, in possession of the Green Pass and in compliance with the social distancing rules established by the anti-covid-19 regulations in force.

On September 4 and 5, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., guided tours of the “Book Experience”, a sensory journey from the origins of writing to the new frontiers of communication.

The route, laid out on the ground floor and on the first floor of the Casa del Turista, seat of the Digital History Library, on the Regina Margherita Lungomare, is a route that aims to stimulate knowledge of graphological materials and tools. which preceded the publication of the book and the press. To the purely museum part, with installations and films, is added a series of workshops which, for the occasion, will be illustrated to visitors by characters dressed in period clothes, who test the creation of cave paintings. , engraved on tablets. Clay, Gothic pen writing, creation of sheets of paper, movable type printing. The route continues in the community library on the first floor, with technological supports and book collections, to represent the present and the future of the book.

The Digital History Library is the community library of the city of Brindisi, available to schools, associations and innovative start-ups for workshops, events, educational activities, virtual reality experiences, development of ‘historical themed applications and games.

Visits to the Book Experience will be organized, prior reservation on the site www.hdlibrary.it, for groups of up to twelve people, in possession of the Green Pass and in compliance with the rules of social distancing provided for by the current anti-covid . -19 regulations.

In the days following the events, organized groups and groups will be able to book the Book Experience sensory course, including workshops, from the site. www.hdlibrary.it

The event has the support of the Municipality of Brindisi, the Apulia region, the Rotary Club Brindisi Appia Antica, the Ettore Palumbo high school, the National Society of Puglia History, Enel and the Le Colonne shopping center.

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