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Wurstfest’s new Marketplatz makes public debut on festival’s triumphant return


A fire destroyed the festival’s Marketplatz in 2019. After the community rebuilt the property, the pandemic struck, canceling the event for the very first time.

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – Bring the bratwurst, the polka, and the good times. The Wurstfest is back in New Braunfels.

This 60-year-old tradition is expected to attract 200,000 people in 10 days. Opening day is also a celebration of resilience.

Wurstfest is often called “… the 10 best days in sausage history”.

“We started out as a sausage festival. It was originally called Sausage Week, ”said Dan Tharp, chairman of the Wurstfest marketing committee and a member of the festival board.

The first weekend of November celebrates rich German culture with the famous 10-day festival.

“We’ve been making buttons and sausages since 1979,” said Stephen Brockman, of the Noon Lions Club. “We are just thrilled to be back here with the crowd and be a part of this brand new and beautiful facility.”

Two years ago, a fire destroyed the Marketplatz, home to the 20 nonprofits that sell food for charities.

“We here in New Braunfels knew we were going to come back. We can’t have a first weekend in November and not have Wurstfest,” Brockman said.

The community rallied and rebuilt the Marketplatz, as well as the roof of the Wursthalle.

“We started to rebuild this building. We thought we would have a year, but we had two years because of the pandemic.”

Local nonprofits suffered a big financial blow when Wurstfest was first canceled in 2020. Their food stalls rely on the festival to raise enough money to keep operating and funding community projects for a year.

In 2021, Wurstfest returns with a new look, but the same mission: to preserve the heritage of the community while giving back.

“Without this fundraiser, we would probably cease to exist as a non-profit organization,” said John Coker of the New Braunfels Jaycees. “The investment it takes to build a stand like this and buy new equipment, we really hope it pays off and we are confident it will.”

The Wurstfest continues until Sunday November 14. For more information about the festival, visit Wurstfest.com.